Winding and cutting

KING Converting specializes in the cutting and winding of, among other things, nonwovens such as spunbonded fabrics, needle felt and glass fibre fleeces.

With our extensive range of machinery we can wind nonwovens, depending on technical specifications, in widths from 2 cm up to 550 cm. The maximum roll diameter is 120 cm.

Reel diameter
Depending on the width and type of the nonwoven, winding and unwinding is possible on and from the following reel diameters:  50 mm (winding only), 76 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 127 mm, 150 mm and 152 mm.

When multiple small rolls are to be wound onto one larger roll, the ends can be joined together in a process called seaming.

We offer three seaming methods: using two-sided self-adhesive tape, heat resistent seaming or sewing. It depends on the nonwoven and its application which method is the best suited.

Rolls and pallets can be packaged in different ways. We use transparent stretch wrapping foil and tubular film. Small diameter rolls can be wrapped in transparent foil by means of a shrinking tunnel. For extra protection the rolls can be shipped in a pallet box.

Label or leaflet
Leaflets or labels, provided by the customer, can be added to the rolls.

With our flexographic press we can print images, such as logo, on a nonwoven.

If you have contract work or a question regarding contract work, please contact us for free custom advice.